About me

Hi, I'm Coralia

Welcome to my studio

Really nice to meet you. I'm Coralia but pretty much everyone calls me Cory. I'm a Romanian/British photographer.

I'm legally educated at The University of Manchester but left my career in law to become a full-time photographer and marketer. I am the co-founder of You Could Travel, Yuzu Bakes and Yuzu Metrix.

My passion for photography started at a very early age but I was encouraged to pursue mathematics and legal studies instead of the visual arts. After much soul searching, I decided to try my luck with travel photography. I now have several accolades from the travel industry which recognise me as a well established photographer.

I am available for hire for couple love stories, family photography, weddings and commercial photography for travel, food, aerial and business.

Please have a look at my portfolio to get inspired.